ProjectME strives to nurture relationships with ones self in order to further cultivate relationships with others and the world around them. By fostering curiosity, resilience, and self love, projectME inspires people to live boldly and authentically.



Brooke Muggia


Anng Kenney


ProjectME creates a most holistic environment for the head and the heart. It’s a place of convergence, where people can come together and, through a myriad of activities, exercises and conversation, work towards a multi-textured and faceted community. I am talking about a community that is two-fold — a place where an individual gets to commune with him/herself and, at the same time, with one another in a mindful and safe space. The essence, the spirit, of projectME allows people to experience mini-transformations, both alone and with others, in hopes that, perhaps, some larger transformations can occur “out there” in the world that can be hard and rife with difficulty. These shifts are about respect, and love, and resiliency, and preservation, and embracing an ever-present sense of awe and wonder.

- Matthew Lippman, presenter